During the night as a man slept in his chamber, a woman approached him and laid down next to his body, she placed one hand on his face and another over his heart.

 ”Do you love me?” asked the woman.

"No." said the man.

Despite the man’s answer the woman continued to sleep next to him, because although the man’s face remained unflinching, his heart was always speeding.

To Allah belong the East and the West; whichever direction you turn your face, you will face Allah. Surely, Allah is All-Embracing and All-Knowing.

Al-Baqarah 2:[115]

Tonight while I was at the mosque I prayed for you before I even prayed for myself, I prayed that all of your dreams come true and I asked God to give you a happy, healthy, prospers life.

There is no definite path to reaching the beloved, no single rode that will lead you there, and no guide to teach you how. Do not depend on others to show you how to worship or teach you how to love, there is only you and your way.

You know how people dream about being rich, like they dream about living in a big house and driving an amazing expensive car? It’s weird because I’ve never had those dreams, my dreams consist of having a normal sized house in a normal nice neighborhood with a normal everyday car and maybe having enough money to travel every now and again, but that’s about it, I don’t dream about luxury, I dream about being well-off.

Muslims take that whole “Hide your brothers sins” notion way too far, like on instagram some Muslims we’re mad at Dina Tokio for wanting to write an article about young Muslims from Cardiff  wanting to join ISIS in Syria and the Muslims we’re all “how dare you betray your brothers and sisters in Islam? you must hide their sins.” and it’s like are you joking right now? I mean if a Muslim is going around abusing people or killing people you bet your stupid ass I’m exposing them.

You know those Mothers who shoo away their kids? like they much rather hang out with their friends than have to deal with their own kids? I seriously hate that, I hope my kids are super attached to me, I wouldn’t even mind if my kid clinged on to my leg as I tried to cook or clean, I just always want my kids to be near me.