I have this undying need to go bungee jumping or at least go on a scary roller coaster— I don’t care, I just need to feel like I’m flying.

I’m feeling a bit sad, but that’s how I usually feel when something comes to a close. I think I’ll just spend the rest of the day praying, reading Quran, and reflections.

So I came back from driving an hour ago and I think as a first timer I did really well, kept my foot on the gas, I drove really slow, I made all the left turns and I only made one mistake! I accidentally hit gas instead of the breaks and then I hit the break so hard that it caused my mom to hit the dashboard, opps! Then afterwards, I went shopping, I got some school supplies cause I have classes soon and now it’s 2 pm and I’m still not sleepy, even though I probably should really sleep.

Also, I made a really creepy video on instagram, if you guys want to see it or follow me on there!

It’s almost 11 am, I’m still not sleepy and I have a lot of energy— I think I’m gonna go practice driving…

I’ve been working on a really important art piece for 3 hours now, the concept is brilliant but it’s just not coming together like it should, I have to start over.

Also for some weird reason, I don’t feel sleepy, I feel alive I actually want to go running.

I would never argue with people on tumblr, there’s no basis for knowledge or understanding, people on here just want to argue for the sake of arguing.

Can people stop doing that passport bullshit? I don’t understand it, like what does your countries passport have anything to do with you standing with Israel or Palestine? people love clinging on to these weird trends.

Whenever I see something extremely graphic or really brutal, I instantly become really shocked and then I subconsciously start saying “authobillah” over and over in my head until the shock is over. Which is scary because I don’t realize that I’m saying it and that’s probably because I’m legitimately traumatized and I guess my subconscious is somehow trying to ward off man’s evil from my mind.

My favorite thing to eat right now is frozen strawberries, I just buy a box of strawberries, remove the stems, then I put a bunch of strawberries in a plastic container and throw them into the freezer. The next day your strawberries will be completely frozen and when you bite into them, it’s like this interesting solid texture that melts in your mouth and releases a sweet strawberry taste, it’s amazing.